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Warehouse & Logistics Solution

Arqs Logistic solution features its own CoreBlu BLE tag and Loris BLE scanners, specifically designed for the logistics market's demanding need. A whole range of advanced cloud-based application software modules are available for building-up solutions that fit to a large variety of asset and logistics tracking requirements.


  • Real Time Inventory tracking for Location tracking and identification of inventory in warehouse or in transit areas.
  • Real-time transportation tracking System for tracking of logistics transport vehicles; transport tracking of goods (especially high capital goods).
  • Inventory life-time tracking for tracking of shelf life of short-lived products, tracking of quality and value depreciation
  • Logistics Analytics System for helps optimize transportation network operations as well as aid in alleviating pollution and traffic congestion in order to enhance quality of life.
  • Security Alert System for damage detection, especially of fragile goods, theft detection and tracking; integrity loss of dangerous and hazardous goods