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Transportation & Vehicle tracking Solution

Arqs' advanced sensor-based vehicular tracking, monitoring and management system and has the versatility of connecting sensors, providing processing and communication, that makes it into new generation of IoT category of sensor-router specific for the Traffic Management System. When deployed strategically, the customer is able to have a continuous data feed and data analytics solution to deal with complex traffic management issues in a very cost effective manner. Averos also provides a suite of AVL and fleet management solutions.


  • Journey Time Measurement System:- Identifies vehicles at two or more points in a road network to calculate the journey time, find congested routes, make road network improvements and, understand road network operations.
  • Road Guidance System:-Guides a user between the source and the system destination to find the shortest route using applicable algorithms.
  • Advanced traveler information systems:-Provides real-time traffic, navigation, weather information, etc.
  • Urban Traffic Management & Control Systems:-Optimizes the current traffic flow by making use of algorithms to receives current and predicted road traffic conditions and relay information to coordinate and control traffic signal timings in a specific region or a city.
  • Incident Detection & Location System:-Locates and verifies the occurrence of any roadside incident or accident to remove abnormalities in the traffic flow.
  • Predictive Traffic Modeling System:-Combines historical data, current data, and weather forecasts to predict the situation of traffic in a region for preventive measures.
  • Advanced transportation management systems:-Helps optimize transportation network operations as well as aid in alleviating pollution and traffic congestion in order to enhance quality of life.
  • Cooperative Vehicle infrastructure Systems:-Enables vehicles and transport infrastructure to exchange information in a dynamic fashion