Zernam offers ERP and CRM solutions based on the world’s leading platform providers, including Microsoft and SAP. Zernam works with your company to improve the clarity of important information and make sure you have the most recent and accurate data about all operational and financial indicators, assets and resources across each department and division of your organization.

CRM Implementation and Integration

Zernam provides your employees with a Client Relationship Management platform, built using MS Dynamics CRM, to find every piece of information needed to find a prospective client, make a sale, take an order and manage support activities with a pleasant and consistent client experience.

ERP Implementation and Integration

Zernam provides your business with an Enterprise Resource Planning platform to cover every area of your operation. This application is built upon the industry standard SAP platform, and Zernam will work with your business to identify which processes you would like to automate, integrate and IT enable. Zernam will then implement a custom solution that provides operational efficiency, auditability and sustainability in a way that meets your specific needs.