Zernam will cleanse, prepare and migrate your existing data into a format that is easily consumed by your applications, collaboration platforms and BI solutions. Our best practices, refined through multiple data management initiatives, along with the application of tools such as IBM InfoServer and SQL Server SSIS are combined to create a robust but custom data migration strategy for your business. Zernam specializes in providing the following services in the field of data migration:

Data Migration

Zernam brings a long history of best practices to your organization’s data migration projects. Whether you need to migrate documents, financial data, operational data, material and asset data or purchasing data, our comprehensive service thoroughly manages the quality and consistency of the output. Zernam’s data migration specialists have experience with complex migrations, including preparing data for ERP systems like SAP and Content Management systems such as SharePoint. Let our team draw upon its experience to help you reduce costs, minimize risks, and accelerate full user adoption. Our experts work with your technical team and user base to provide:

  • Migration planning and design - Providing detailed technical plans to streamline your organization's software implementation
  • Migration and system services - Providing guidance, knowledge, and hands-on support during deployment of new software applications

Many software implementations are put at risk when data migration is not thoroughly considered and planned. The successful implementation of mission-critical business applications requires a mission-critical approach to data migration. Data migration is not just about moving the data from one application to another. It's about ensuring the data works once it has been transferred. Zernam can assist with migrating data from:

  • One SharePoint version to another
  • An Enterprise Content Management system to a SharePoint based ECM
  • File management systems to SharePoint
  • Exchange public folders to SharePoint
  • Blog files to Sharepoint
  • Website files to Sharepoint

Data Conversion

As organizations evolve, they collect and store data in disparate formats across different systems. When ERP systems, such as SAP, are implemented, they create a continuous need to convert data into compatible formats to information to flow freely. Data conversion can be a simple or complex task, depending on the scope and type of conversion required.

Zernam has created a repeatable data conversion approach, perfected over many years spent performing large scale data conversion. Our data conversion specialists can convert data from any format into one that is acceptable for SAP, and vice versa. We have particular experience in converting data for:

  • Project Systems
  • Material Management
  • Plant Maintenance

ETL Tools

Our specialists use various tools for the conversion, transformation and validation of data, including IBM InfoSphere DataStage and Microsoft SSIS.