Dynamic Indoor Navigation

With the help of Arqs' Navigation technology, a position can accurately be identified inside enclosed buildings to within a few feet and the associated floor inside a building can also be shown.

A user’s position is accurately displayed on the map, including the floor on which he is located. The map can easily track him as he switches between floors.

In addition to direction, Arqs' navigation also includes stairs, escalators, and elevators that are useful to reach the desired destination in the building. The calculated routes are displayed on the map, which are supplemented with text instructions and distances.

Location based Notifications Indoor Positioning System

Location-based services provide information which refers to the user’s current position. Make use of the multiple advantages of location-based services and get to know your clients. This technique is suitable, for example, for airports, shopping malls, railway stations, etc.

The Arqs' Navigation solution can provide the capability to add users specific special notification depending on where they are located.

For example, location based trigger sends out a notification to a shopper passerby on a special offer from a store close by or he might get a more detailed information from an item or object that may be in front of her or him.

Visitors Insights & Analytics

Arqs' navigation system detects and locates mobile devices inside and outside buildings. This enables real-time monitoring without breaching the owners' privacy, as no personal data are transferred. Important information for all kinds of applications can be obtained using this solution. Relevant marketing and business intelligence data is collected in an anonymized way. Find out, among other things, how many people pass a particular point per day, or which are the busiest hours of the day or the week.

These dynamically generated intelligent and analytical reports are useful for applications such as shopping centres, airports, hospitals, universities, museums, trade shows, venues, public facilities, etc. helping them to increase their sales and productivity and improve their user experience.


Arqs' Navigation System is actively been used in Retail, Airport & Railway Stations, Hospital & Medical Complexes, Universities and Campuses